World renown concert harpist and inspirational speaker

From India to South America, Moscow to Jakarta, DR CARROL has had a tremendous impact on the lives of thousands of people.

We are all performers! As Shakespeare said, "All The World's A Stage." Whether you are giving a sales presentation on Wall Street or introducing yourself at PTA, you are being judged on the way that you present yourself. Stop worrying about being good enough and learn from a world class performance expert how to overcome anxiety and achieve everything you desire! The insights and techniques DR CARROL offers will impact all aspects of your life, whether you are performing in front of hundreds of people or finding your voice to speak up and be heard in front of one person - and even to yourself! Celebrate this life changing information.


Lose your stress!

Lose your inhibitions!

Learn to believe in yourself and to express yourself confidently and with authority.

Celebrate the excellence that is yours and achieve whatever in life you desire.

DR CARROL is available for Keynote Addresses, Convention and Business Presentations, Personal Coaching in person and via the Web, Workshops and Inspiring Concert presentations.

DR CARROL is internationally respected and is in great demand as a performer and presenter throughout the world. Why not learn from the best? You deserve it!


Public Speaking is one of the number one fears of most people. Learn from one of the world's leading performance experts just how easy and fun it can be to overcome this fear!

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